How the ET teabaggers and birthers will react if Health Care reform passes...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Mar 19, 2010.

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  2. That was one of the greatest after school specials ever.

    If it passes it passes, it will be challenged, overturned and the democrats will not win an election for a decade.
  3. Theres alot of emotional hysteria invested in fundamental principles that opponents feel this bill outright rapes. Taking
    away no less a belief than Freedom is something that can't possilby not have a backlash in store if the bill passes. The protestors I've seen video of, in numbers, will find a way to
    to defy it after the fact. You can only speculate how; court battles, constitutional crises, tax protests ..maybe theres some
    in their ranks that're crazy enough to go postal. But after all thats
    gone on; its been a history making year, I can't imagine its just
    going to be accepted. But militias? I doubt it.
  4. no reason to react as this country is fucking itself in the ass with its own stupidity