How the Chinese Grow Economy: Build Completely Empty Cities

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  1. China’s Empty City

    Al Jazeera looks at the impact of China’s economic stimulus spending:

    China’s economy is continuing to grow despite the global recession, helped by a massive government stimulus package of $585bn.

    But doubts remain whether such strong growth can be sustained by public spending alone.

    Al Jazeera’s Melissa Chan reports from Inner Mongolia, where a whole town built with government money is standing empty.

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  2. ffs that's inner mongolia! who even goes there...
  3. that's the way to go

    money should be spent in something solid rather useless and soon to be worthless USTreasuries.
  4. AK100


    Does anyone watch Al Jazeera?

    It's actually a pretty good news channel.
  5. they build empty malls too. the largest mall in the world sits empty.

    There was nothing else to do, because the South China Mall, which opened with great fanfare in 2005, is not just the world’s largest. With fewer than a dozen stores scattered through a space designed to house 1,500, it is also the world’s emptiest – a dusty, decrepit complex of buildings marked by peeling paint, dead light bulbs, and dismembered mannequins.
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    I've seen similar "empty" cities in China for the last 15 years. And over a few years, these cities have (so far) inevitably filled up.

    The Tsinghua professor quoted in the news report is exactly right in that regard. All of the previous rounds of physical infrastructure in China has paid off economically and socially.

    (And by the way, Melissa Chan, why the obsessive need to find a Western face at a Chinese university to present the message?)
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    Yes, AlJazeera is actually very good - I find it a lot better than BBC for instance.
  8. build it and they will come has never proven more true than in China,

    however, the displaced peasants squatting on scraps of land eeking out a meager vegetable plot are the prospective city dwellers.

    with this change comes massive changes in the family infrastructure, social infrastructure and regional town infrastructure.

    they really do have over 1.2 billion people to move around, and its something to behold....
  9. heech


    Exactly. There are two numbers which define China, and is far more important than GDP in any given year:

    1) population: 1.3 billion and counting.
    2) urbanization rate: 45% and climbing.

    China's urbanization rate will rise to 70% by 2035. If you do the math, that means 325 million Chinese currently living in rural villages will move to urban cities within the next 25 years.

    And if you do the math again, that means:

    - for every square foot of real estate currently in existence in China... it'll be doubled over the next 25 years.

    - it also means building 15 New York's from scratch over the next 25 years.
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    It's a crap news channel.
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