How The Average U.S. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck

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  1. I thought this was rather interesting... Transportation seems expensive.

    It's funny how 0.2% goes toward Reading and 0.7% towards Tobacco.

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    So, we pay more in taxes than we spend on Health Care, Food, Entertainment, Education, Alcohol and Tobacco combined. With $44 in change.

  4. The issue that you're not allowed to mention is: 50% of that tax then goes to the military industrial comple,x much of it via no-bid contracts!! Hey, no other country has military bases in or occupries over 100 have to suffer for it.
    And no, it does not "bring peace".

    They have you scared, wettign your pants with the line: "if we cut even .0001% from the no-bid contracts then it will 'embolden our enemies'".
  5. TT you need to get your facts correct before making posting a SWAG. Directly from the White House and the OMB:

    You will see the the "Military Industrial Complex" while a large part of the overall budget pales in comparison to the entitlements/bribes for votes/income redistribution/etc.

    To balance the books both of these categories need to be reduced substantially. A reduction of every DoD dollar should be met with a $2 reduction in entitlements.

    You should familiarize yourself with the budget numbers available directly from the source of the budget. They are quite enlightening and show how much we as a society depend on the government for our daily bread.
  6. Yeah, I've been wondering how I can make over $70k for my household and still have basically nothing to show at the end of the year.
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    WIN stands for Work is Nonprofit... get off the birth-school-debt-work-death cycle now... trade well or die...
  8. Where is debt repayment in this? Why pretend it's not there?

    How about doing the same charts for the bottom 90%?
  9. I just blogged this, since the images are too good.
  10. Yea check out and there's a lot of interesting images.
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