how stupid do you have to be to believe this stuff?

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  1. how stupid do you have to be to believe this stuff?
    They claim Judgment Day is coming on May 21 and the world will end five months later

    I know it's absolutely true, because the Bible is always absolutely true.

    --Family Radio's Harold Camping

    They walked away from work, families and communities in places as far-flung as California, Kansas, Utah and New Jersey. Among them are an electrician, a TV satellite dish installer, a former chef, an international IT consultant and a man who had worked with the developmentally disabled.

    Gallery: Doomsdays throughout time They gave away cars, pets, music collections and more to relatives, friends and neighbors. Some items they kicked to the curb. In homes that weren't emptied, clothes are still hanging in closets, and dishes, books and furniture -- including one man's antique collection -- are gathering dust. Unless, of course, they've been claimed by others. If you believe it's all going to be over soon, why would it matter if you close the front door, much less lock it, when you walk away?
  2. The correct date is 11 March 2011 or anytime now.
  3. Perhaps you should beat the rush and try to avoid those nasty and annoying lineups at the gate.
  4. ...and they won't even have to go through the TSA lines to fly:

    <img src=>

    Don't those folks look like they are from an Archie and Jughead comic book?

    This one's great. Even has a plane flying into a building. Looking at the cars, this has to be an old one:

    No comments needed on this one, it is perfect:
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    How obsessed do you have to be to keep bringing it up?
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  7. I think you are advertising in the right place. Lots of suckers here looking for an easy way to fame and fortune.

    Good luck with your <s>scam</s> business, it helps the ET Dictator pay the rent.

    Oh, I visited your web site.

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    Speaking of being in 'the right place'; over ten thousand posts and counting from you, Optional777, and not one of them has anything to do with trading. I just looked through the last twenty pages of your posts and gave up - not one entry about trading. But you sure don't mind making value statements and passing judgement on others.

  9. Fine if your only response it try to turn it toward me.

    You have confirmed my suspicions...thanks a lot!

  10. I guess libturds aren't atheists after all.

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