How stupid are Republicans?

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    I see that Herman Cain is jumping to the top in the polls by advocating, get this, an EXTRA TAX. And the Republicans are falling over themselves supporting this ex Federal Reserve director, while this ex-Federal Reserve director is proposing to them NEW TAXES, lol.

    Literally, it would be like hard core Christians supporting devil worship because it comes from a "Christian." Aren't Republicans supposed to be AGAINST more taxes?

    Herman Cain is proposing to add a new sales tax in ADDITION to the income tax, not in place of it. Do you Herman Cain supporters understand that the income tax came on as a "temporary" tax at only 1% for only "the wealthy." Is the income tax at 1% now only for the wealthy? OF COURSE NOT! They bring in these new taxes at low rates and once the tax is in, they keep raising the rates. This is how they operate you dummies.

    And now you have a "Republican" proposing a new tax and the lemmings falling overthemselves to support the new tax, lol. He says it is a 9-9-9 plan. Sure, we'll add an entire new national sales tax, but it'll only be at 9%. How long do you think it'll stay at 9%? How soon before it moves from a 9-9-9 to a 20-20-20 with a 20% national sales tax in addition to a 20% income tax? How long before it turns into a 25-35-25 with a 25% national sales tax and a 35% income tax?

    If a Democrat were to propose adding a national sales tax he would never get it through. But since a Republican is proposing adding a new method to rape the American people, dummy Republicans are falling all over themselves to support it, lol. You cannot make this crap up. The dummy Republicans are in the midst of a great swindle. If it wasn't so disasterous for the rest of us, it would be too funny to bear.
  2. Kind of like if a Republican started a health plan that forced people to buy health insurance or pay a penalty....Oh wait :confused:
  3. not only that:

    here we have herman cain leading the republican field touting something called the “Chilean Model”as his game plan.
    so what is the “Chilean Model”?

    In short, the “Chilean Model” so touted by Cain is the individual mandate. What “Obamneycare” is to health care, Chile’s pensions system is to Social Security, with a system of mandates, regulation and subsidies.

    Under the Chilean system, workers must contribute 10% of their income, up to a certain limit — similar to Social Security taxes in this country — to a private pension fund administrator (the different funds are known by the Spanish initials “AFP,” for Administradoras de Fondos de Pensiones).

    A few other Chilean ‘models’ Herman Cain may not be so quick so embrace:

    1) Health care in Chile is also covered through the mandate-regulate-subsidize model, in which 7% of workers’ paychecks are deducted in order to pay for health insurance — and with a public option called FONASA (an acronym that could be translated as the “National Health Fund”). Indeed, the majority of workers opt for FONASA, and the government provides subsidies and coverage for poorer Chileans who cannot afford insurance.
  4. You only need to understand republican ideology to make sense of it. Taxing individuals...good, very good. Taxing corporations...bad, very bad.
    With Cains plan tax on individuals will go up, while corporate taxes will be slashed. All of course on the premise that this will somehow create jobs. These are the same dopes that say the consumer drives the economy, but now we're going to add 9% in cost to every single item we purchase to an already cash strapped consumer, and this is going to grow the economy?:confused: :confused: :confused: Utterly jaw dropping stupidity.
  5. Partisan IDIOT... not listening to any more of your clap trap... ON IGNORE!
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    Max E.

    You mind explaining to me how this is "mandate" any different from the current system in America where the government takes "X" amount of your cheque for social security? Its not as if Social security contributions are optional.

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    Pot, meet Kettle.
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    I hate to break it to you, but for close to 140 years, this country balanced it's budget with tariffs and sales taxes alone. A sales tax is NOT a tax increase you left wing nut jobs.
  9. income taxes are a much fairer way to tax. sales taxes and property taxes ect hit people without means more than people with means. people with no ability to make income are required to pay the same tax as a billionaire. morally unfair.

    with income taxes the government only benefits if you enjoy prosperity. they have an incentive to create conditions where you will be able to make income.
    the graduated income tax is the fairest way to tax. it is the loopholes that make it unfair.

    i would love a national sales tax ,instead of an income tax, that exempted necessities like food. i would pay next to nothing. i am out of my household formation years. everything i own,house vehicles ect are paid for. i already have everything i need. i dont hire outside help for anything. the only thing i spend discretionary money on is travel but if it were heavily taxed i would stop. how would the government collect the money it needs from self sufficient people like me with a national sales tax?

    tariffs are another matter. we might even agree on that one.
  10. Corporate taxes all get passed to the consumer. Lower taxes may or may not create jobs.
    Do you think corporations will live with less margin in order to keep retail prices the same while paying more Government taxes.
    Corporations work every day to maximize margins. If they are stuck with added costs in the form of taxes they will need to offset that expense somewhere else, probably through less labor or higher prices
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