How socialized medicine really works

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  1. Hospital patients 'left in agony'

    Patients were allegedly left screaming in pain and drinking from flower vases on a nightmare hospital ward.

    Between 400 and 1,200 more people died than would have been expected at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust over three years, a damning Healthcare Commission report said.

    "We saw patients drinking out of flower vases, they were so thirsty. Patients were screaming out in pain because you just could not get pain relief" - Julie BaileyThe watchdog's investigation found inadequately trained staff who were too few in number, junior doctors left alone in charge at night and patients left without food, drink or medication as their operations were repeatedly cancelled.

    Patients were left in pain or forced to sit in soiled bedding for hours at a time and were not given their regular medication, the Commission heard.

    Receptionists with no medical training were expected to assess patients coming in to A&E, some of whom needed urgent care.

    Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of the NHS, said there had been a "gross and terrible breach" of patients' trust and a "complete failure of leadership".

    The Healthcare Commission's chairman Sir Ian Kennedy said the investigation followed concerns about a higher than normal death rate at the Trust, which senior managers could not explain.

    He said: "The resulting report is a shocking story. Our report tells a story of appalling standards of care and chaotic systems for looking after patients. These are words I have not previously used in any report.

    "There were inadequacies in almost every stage of caring for patients. There was no doubt that patients will have suffered and some of them will have died as a result."

    Julie Bailey, 47, was so concerned about the care being given to her 86-year-old mother Bella at Stafford Hospital that she and her relatives slept in a chair at her bedside for eight weeks.

    She said: "We saw patients drinking out of flower vases, they were so thirsty. Patients were screaming out in pain because you just could not get pain relief.

    "It was like a Third World country hospital. It was an absolute disgrace."

    The Trust's chief executive, Martin Yeates, and chairman, Toni Brisby, resigned earlier this month.

    During Commons Question Time, Labour's Tony Wright (Cannock Chase) urged ministers to make enquiries into why a coroner refused to pass on information that could have helped the investigation.

    He told MPs: "In the course of that report, they (the Healthcare Commission) say this: 'We thought that information from the coroner would be useful for the investigation.

    "'We were disappointed that he declined to provide us with any information about the number or nature of inquests involving the trust."'

    Justice Minister Michael Wills said: "Of course I can give you that reassurance. I will do that and I will write to you."

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    I got a feeling it's coming whether we (the ones paying for it) want it or not.
  3. here is how free market medicine works. this is a true story, the son of friends of ours. man finds testicular cancer that has spread. he has insurance. within a year he is maxed out on lifetime benifits. he just got another bill from the hospital for 107,000 with no way to pay. he is faced with losing everything he owns plus needs treatments far into the future with no way to pay. he will never be insurable again. what is he supposed to do?
  4. You tell the hospital that you don't have the money and they will write it off.
  5. he needs to go back for ongoing treatments.
  6. I don't think it's quite that simple, unless you are an illegal alien. If you have assets, they will come after you, with bill collectors, lawsuits, etc.
  7. With socialized medicine, he will be dead before he even sees a doctor.
  8. No, they just write it off.

    I got a staff infection that developed into Septic Shock. 3 days in IC and 2 days in regular room. This was back in 1994.

    When I went to settle bill upon check out it was $18k. Insurance covered $13k. They asked for the balance and I told them if they couldn't make money off of me with $13k for a 5 day stay it was their problem and I wasn't paying anymore.

    She just nodded her head and said ok. Never heard from them again, never heard from any bill collectors, never showed on credit report.
  9. so you are ok with socalized medicine for you but not for anybody else? you do realize someone else had to pick up what you stiffed them out of?
    what if you had to go back to that hospital for monthly treatments?
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    It sucks to be him, and I can't be accused of being a heartless asshole for saying this because my situation is exactly the same.

    I've spent several million dollars in the last three years to stay alive, and I continue to spend more. It sucks, but you find a way.

    I went through a phase for awhile where I was in favor of universal healthcare..but the more I looked into it the less I am in favor of it. The thing is that people are willing to work with you. If you have good credit, if your willing to work with them, they will work with you. It's been very difficult for me financially, to the point that I have sold my home and moved in with my folks again, but so long as the clinics and hospitals have seen I am making an honest attempt to pay them, they have all been willing to work with me.

    This has been my experience.
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