How small towns increase revenues

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    LA CROSSE — La Crosse Council has instructed the town’s police department to increase speeding patrols on Route 58, with an eye toward making up budget deficits through ticketing revenue, town officials said this week.

    Lacrosse has always been known as a speed trap. They were forced to up the 45mph to 50mph, and it cut into their town revenue. Now, the officers are specifically instructed to write more tickets. Its hilarious too, the guy sits in his car, half-hidden behind a sign, clocking people as they are coming down a hill. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel. You've gotta have your foot on the brake almost, to avoid exceeding the speed limit.

    Hard times require desparate measures. I've heard the news shows talking about the new push to write tickets. You guys and gals be careful out there. You are being watched closer than ever.
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    My guess this will be happening all over the country. Not only in smaller towns. Larger cities have budget shortfalls as well, and local politicians realize that their constituants tolerance for tax increases is very low.

    Stealth ways to increase revenue is the name of the game now.
  3. Too bad Gummint at all levels can't deduce they need to cut spending..
  4. Parking meters is another good source of income. I read a few years ago that some towns added parking meters to help pay the high cost of the death penalty.
  5. By jacking property taxes, yep you heard me. I was expecting a decrease, now after watching the news I am glad not to get an increase. Philly went up 19% I believe. Obviously they aren't small, but they mentioned some small towns did the same. It was on CNN on Thursday I believe.
  6. When I was visiting Costa Mesa, CA recently I couldn't believe the amount of cops giving traffic tickets out. 3 within 1 mile a couple of different occasions, not the end of month either.
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    Cops are glorified tax collectors.

    We pay these douche-bags to fight crime.

    Instead, they divert taxpayer money from crime fighting to write tickets on the same people who pay their wages...... US!!

    We are paying people to make us pay more tax.

    Fucking S_T_U_P_I_D.

    Will we ever hear one "heroic" cop protest this? NO.


    Because most cops are idiots who go along to get along.
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    This is probably a revolutionary concept...obey the traffic laws.
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    In lieu of solving violent crime like murder, rape, arson, larceny.

    I agree. That is revolutionary.
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    So you have never looked down at your speedometer to realize you are speeding?
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