How small can one trade?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by AshanD, May 15, 2005.

  1. Electric still has not shown me a Hummer!

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  2. Indeed it's not the size that is important, but how you use it.

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  3. AshanD


    Thank for the replies, I am surprisd that you guys suggested forex because I believed (without doing any real research) forex was only a place to put big money. The $50 margin was just a number I threw out to see what was possible, for now I'll stick to papertrading and saving up. (and possibly trade forex if I can really trade .10 per pip :)

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  4. AshanD

    The exercise in Forex, is a stepping stone. You must get into the game and I believe I gave you the best advice I knew. Perhaps you stay with Forex and step up the size, or perhaps you move on to other instruments.

    But under the conditions and the parameters of this thread, it was the only advice I could give you if you have to trade live.

    Trading Live should not be discounted as there is a whole "set of learning" and "coming to grips" with how you handle your emotions.

    Kid, trade that Forex as if it were millions....

    Michael B.
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  5. The MidAm exchange offers grain e-minis, I believe. The margin on a corn contract there is $50.
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  6. Htrader

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    You can trade us equity futures at for $50, or less if you prefer.

    Its an internet betting site that offers markets on a variety of different financial contracts.
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  7. AshanD


    From their site:

    This sounds like a ficticious market made up by the company. I'm probably wrong though as I'd think the SEC would have shut them down. Does anyone have an opinion on tradesports?
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  8. It's legit, as is their sister operation,

    There's more info on them on Bloomberg: INTD GO.

    Oh, and they're in Dublin so the SEC doesn't have jurisdiction.
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