How should we get Pakistan?

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  1. Pakistan was housing Osama Bin Laden, our chief enemy, in a safe house near the premier military training academy of Pakistan.

    With high walls and barbed wire, it is obvious that Osama was a guest of the Pakistanis.

    Under normal circumstances, we would have reduced Pakistan to rubble by now. But Pakistan has nukes.

    Whats the best way of dealing with muslims with nukes? They are clearly crazy enough to use nukes on us Kamikaze style. How should we get Pakistan?

    If we don't get Pakistan, they will probably nuke Israel and India, who are both are strong allies.

    We cannot remain complacent.
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  9. The bigger question is what to do with Muslim food. What is Muslim food? Hummus? I have some that in my garden soil. I'm pretty sure pork ribs with beer are un-halal. I couldn't make it as a Jew or Muslim. The diet is too strict.

    But really, they didn't know he was there? Hard to believe.
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