How shall I proceed with my trading career

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    Been trading now for about ten years. I've worked at multiple reputable firms in the Chicagoland area. Doing everything from outright equity daytrading to Eurodollar spread trading.

    This experience has been invaluable and I decided to venture on my own.

    Having been on my own for the past couple of years now has been a rewarding experience. Lot of ups and downs, fortunately more ups than downs.

    Recently I found myself on the wrong side of a surprise takeover and took a huge hit. Financially I'm still secure but it did rattle me enough to consider other options. I've come to a point in my live where I need a bit more stability(getting married and having kids can do that to you), even if it means taking a net paycut at the end of the year.

    I'm more or less entertaining the idea of working with under a firm or alongside other individuals as a means of mitigating risk and getting some more piece of mind. Perhaps splitting profits, getting a salary, etc.

    My experience has been in equities and futures (Eurodollars, debt instruments) have experience in both outright day trading, position trading, but the bulk of what I do is spread trading. If you might be interested let me know. If you can direct me to an individual or a firm or you might be interested in pairing up, please pm me.

    Warmest Regards...
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    Safest play is to apply for jobs at Citadel, Getco, GS to have the security of a job but stay in the business for a big potential gain.
    Good luck!
  3. Don't trade.

    And, if you insist on trading, trade other people money.
    This way if you lose (and you are likely to lose in the long run), you are not losing your own money.
  4. If you've made as much as it sounds, you should hire a guy to control your risk.
  5. Pretty sure I should be asking your advice... :D

    I´m a newbie... Would love to get on the ladder you have been on... How did you start ?
  6. Darshan


    Do yourself a favor and work for a firm initially. Going off on your own in the beginning is financial suicide. Network, network...

    If you don't live in either Chicago, or NY, it's a bit more difficult.
  7. Warren Buffett even started investing from his own money (personal savings).Though it appears to be risky and not all of his ventures worked as planned, he learned from every investing experiences , leverages it and made himself a billionaire.

    <a href="">Warren Buffett Biography</a>.
  8. Be careful on public forums. They can be immense useful though.
  9. I'm just curious how would you go about this. In my experience 'risk mitigation' always works for the riskiest party and the least risky gets effed. Why would you be willing to take on additional risk? Safety in numbers would only work with a large sample, unfortunately that means a corporate environment and that goes with a lot of sacrifice. So the question is actually: how can you mitigate risk at a small scale? Every time I try to tackle this problem I come up with the conclusion that you're best off staying independent and getting better at managing your own financials. So I'm curious how you see this.
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