How Sears Lost the American Shopper

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    Sam Walton believed in 98% of his products were "Made in America" and his commercials ran this way. When he died, Walmart went to China for products and America stopped being a producing country.

    Sears and many business were use to selling quality products, but the goods from China have a shelf life. Walmart buys huge volume and Sears can't, too many Sears are in dying malls paying big bucks being there. They be better off going back to old days of just catalog sales. West Texas use to have eight K-Marts and now nada, use to have 4 Sears and now one. Sign of the time I suppose, different America, just like in the 1960's, everyone left keys in car parked out front and never locked front door, now car goes into garage with door alarm and sensors around garage and house with magnetic door locks and camera above, all that missing is trap door.

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    DKS is attempting to stop selling guns.
    Wrong move.
  4. Overnight


    Sears died because of the classic mis-step my management teams making up rules that make no sense in the trenches. You CANNOT implement some sort of incentive system whereby you reward one manager in department A from taking away business from the department B.

    Trench warfare within your own company CAN NEVER WORK. There is no TEAM in KILL-THE-GUY-WITH-THE-BALL. Maroons.

    Let Sears die the ignoble death it deserves. Sears reeks of Bob Nardelli, of Home Depot fame. "Get 'er done!" He was another meshuggener. Assholes, all of them.
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    Technology killed Sears, check PZ Pilzer, he called it 1990
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    What made Sears great was being all things to all people. That's also their downfall.