How sad and pathetic is this?

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    Latest poll testing Hillary against the Dem field...

    H. Clinton 43%
    Clark 10
    Lieberman 8
    Gephardt 8
    Kerry 7
    Dean 7
    Edwards 5
    Sharpton 1
    Braun 1
    Kucinich 1
    Undec. 10

    --Source: QUINNIPIAC UNIVERSTIY, conducted 10/23-27; 403 regis. Dems nationwide; margin of error of +/- 4.9%...

    I am actually starting to feel sorry for the democratic party now.
  2. Pabst


    I don't discount the odds of Clinton running in 2004. A lot can happen between now and 2008, she may feel the need to strike while the iron's hot. Her negatives won't fade in 4 years but the fond remembrances of Bill's White House years may be fleeting. Heck, she's got a better chance of winning the nomination for President, than being re-elected to the Senate.
  3. h. clinton will NEVER be the american president. you can quote me.
  4. Heard the same about Bill and GW....

    Hillary though is in an interesting position....If she does not run she is screwed IF a democrat beats GW in 2004....Suppose Dean or Clark win in would then have an incumbent Democrat running in 2008....what is she going to do wreck the party and run anyway? that would push her out to 2012 and I think that by then she will be looking more like Barbara Bush...I think that unless one of these guys comes on STRONG, she will offer herself up as a floor draft candidate at the Dem convention for 2004.....this way she hasn't broken her promise not to run in her first term as NY senator because she was 'drafted'...OR she may broker a deal to run with Clark as his VP as long as he is a one term prez and offers up the reigns to her.
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    Yeah I have heard all sorts of conspiracy theories of How the Clintons are actually trying to support the worst candidates so Bush wins in 2004. They are trying to divide the party and create as much chaos and controversy as they can so the Dems don't win in 2004. She cannot under any circumstances allow Bush to lose in 2004, or your right, she's dead. She will not wait till 2012 to run. She will be a distant memory by then.

    If she wants to have any chance, she needs to sabotage the democratic party this election which she will do and then run in 2008. Just goes to show you how power hungry those Clintons are. Stabbing your own party in the back for your own selfish gains. Well, I guess it wouldn't be the first time huh. This will be fun to watch though.

    My guess is she will get behind Dean knowing that there is no way that Dean will win a general election. But in the meantime she will just spread confusion. Well, Like I've said before, I think Bush is going to win big in 2004 and with Hillary helping him out, well, this is going to be a landslide.
  6. Your first paragraph and first sentence of the second paragraph outlines a conspiracy theory. But then you condemn the Clintons for acting the part in this theory, although it is unproven and just a theory.

    You start from a point of hatred, then you accept and try to spread as gospel a halfcocked theory as it supports your original view and feeling of hate.

    Maybe Clinton was right about the supposed right wing witch hunt.
  7. Instead of once again labeling somebody of hatred and the rest....why not just give your opinion? As of right now it is just a THEORY.....I'd like to know what you think....if Dean or Clark won in 2004 would that screw up her aspirations in your opinion? Would she accept a VP nod? it's not hate its just a lot of political speculation..
  8. I wonder if her enviable cattle trading futures record will hold up in a national race?

    BTW-after going through hell to get health insurance, HillaryCare don't look so bad after all.

  9. Why do we need an election when we can have an anointment?
  10. You know what i keep wondering though.....what if Hill did run .....and made Bill either VP or Sec of State???? or Attorney General?....the onther thing that is VERY possible in my mind :

    Bill Running cannot run for more then 2 connsecutive terms....but he CAN run after a i term absence....If GW wins again, i would not be surprised to see BILL not HiLL in 2008.
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