How Retarded is the GOP?

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  1. If they fail to back Ron Paul, which it appears they matter how forgetful Perry is, or how crazy Bachman is, or how lecherous Cain is, or how adulterous Newt is, then Ron Paul will run on a third party ticket. He has already been offered the libertarian slot.

    If Ron Paul runs under a third party banner, it stands to reason he will siphon a good chunk of votes away from whichever nightmare GOP candidate gets anointed... guaranteeing Obama another four years.

    So, my question for the GOP party faithful is this, how retarded is the GOP?

    Oh, and you have to love CNBC taking down poll results that contradict their narrative. If ANY other candidate had won their poll it would have been hailed as an indication of that candidate's strength. When Ron Paul wins, it's gamed. I'd laugh heartily if it wasn't our country at stake. Funny to watch CNBC take after Fox News like this.

    From CNBC: "We had a poll up from our Republican Presidential Debate asking readers who they thought won. One candidate was leading by such a margin that it became obvious the polling wasn't so much a reading of our audience, but of the Internet prowess of this particular candidate's political organization. We have therefore taken the poll down."

    This is what I meant when I asserted there was an open "corporate" media conspiracy (yes, I used the word conspiracy) against Ron Paul. This is another example.
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    Max E.

    Wrong, Ron Paul has already been adamant about the fact that he isnt running third party.
  3. He refuses to say he will run now but he has not ruled it out. His campaign has also indicated this.

    From his website:

    When asked if he would pledge not to run as a third candidate Paul dodged giving a direct answer. "I pledge that I have no intention of doing it," Paul said cheerfully.

    Understanding politics and the fact that the republican primary has not even begun, and since he is still vying for the republican nomination, well, that's as close to a guarantee that he will run third party (should he not get the GOP nomination) as you are likely to see.

    So again, I ask, how retarded is the GOP? Do they really want to give Obama four more years to put his version of the Soviet Union in place?
  4. Ron Paul proved again last night he is not presidential material. i do like some of his views, like war,but really he is crazy. he would instantly take us back to 1937.
    the attitude of lets burn down the forest and hope something new grows up is niave.
  5. You are speaking in hyperbole. Perhaps you could be a little more specific as to what makes him "crazy", and how he would have us travel in time back to 1937...not to mention his arsonist leanings.
  6. i will pass. it looks like it would take too long before you were able to comprehend.
    in any case there are very few people left that consider him a viable candidate. even the republicans dismiss him as a crazy old man.
  7. Ron Paul's not even mentioned in the thread that you claim shows he's crazy. How long will it take you to comprehend that, dimwit?
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    Please don't quote that idiot tinkerbell. Those of us who have him on ignore don't want to sacrifice brain cells by exposure to his lunacy.
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