How Repubs/Tea Party Will Win Delaware Senate Race

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cstfx, Sep 19, 2010.

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  2. Sadly, this is person who never thought about where she might be going. Now she is under public scrutiny, it's really unfortunate.
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    Uhoh. Another nut?

    Well fuck me.

    Maybe Krauthammer is right. I'm shifting to the Goldwater Rule.
  4. One thing is certain, the entire political and media class are scared shitless because they're all attacking her.

    It's not her, it's what she represents/symbolizes that's got em all panicking.
  5. She worshipped upon a satanic altar?

    How will the conservative voters play this? They might hate Obama, but would they dare put their very souls and salvation at risk? Even if she has repudiated those views, surely conservative voters will know the very act of casual association brings upon the prospect of eternal damnation. 2 more years of Obama or a lifetime of hellfire?
  7. Her opponent, a little twerp named Chris Coons, wrote a pompous article while at Amherst that a trip to kenya, birthplace of presidents, turned him into a "bearded marxist."

    Of course, what O'Donnell did on a date in high school is far more important to the media in considering who should be a US Senator.
  8. I must say Christine O’Donnell is handling herself and all the media negativity really well and seem to have turned it around in her favor. Even Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough of MSNBC seems to think she may actually win.
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    Tsing Tao

    heh yeah thats not a comment she'll be able to recover from very easily is it...haha

    honestly this video aired when she was 30 years old and shes talking about how she dabbled in it when she was younger. so what probably happened is she was goth in her late teen or early twenties and she did this pseudo kinda "listen to black sabbath" and wear black makeup kinda thing.

    does anyone really believe she was trying to raise the dead?

    we all did some funny/odd/stupid crap when we were late teens, early twenties

    if she was smart shed say precisely that

    hell if i ran for office, people would find out that i played dungeons and dragons when i was 15. does that mean i practiced sorcery? haha people are so fucking stupid.

    next we'll be hearing calls from the left to "burn her at the stake" like witches should be burned