How religion made America go nuts

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  1. stu


    The best explanation for the good old days of religion is a bad memory
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  2. Wallet


    No but there’s coming a day, very soon Imo, that they will!

    You should be thankful, their un-acceptance of the Messiah opened the door for us Gentiles. I assuming you’re not Jewish here?
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  3. stu


    I should not be thankful for such a divisive idea and quite honestly, neither should you.

    I'm assuming I'm not Jewish anywhere
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  4. Andrew Jackson, considered by many as the founder of the Democrat party (Democrats those days were like the exact opposite of power-mad, tyrannical DemoCraps today, you know)... was a highly principled and great man... my favorite president. We need more like him. Now!

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  5. %%
    Amazing nickname= ''Old Hickory'', among the toughest of trees.
    The song says............................ that rout, excuse me while i shout ,,[victory over doubt].
    The water barely reached above thier feet\ Pharoahs army drowned in a puddle of water ankle deep''LOL :D:D:D:D:D,:caution::caution::caution::caution: Based on Exodus 13+ Pastor Purkey Video View song ''Miracle Business''
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