how realistic the cyberX simulator really is?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by liam, Sep 25, 2001.

  1. liam


    with that simulator you just can't loose money and it executes in seconds. how realistic the whole thing really is? i played with DELL for like an hour, made like 100 trades (every trade 50.000 shares) and some $90.000 profit (i didn't cheat the software). i don't think it's possible in the real world, coz by now all the traders would be multi-millionaire. is the simulator any accurate to what's really happening in the real market? thanks very much.

    (if it is i'll be a millionaire in a week. :D :D :D )
  2. not very realistic

    * if you enter on limits, you will get a fill if a trade happens at the limit price. Not always realistic

    * same for shorts, except that it's much more difficult to short in the first place.

    * The simulation approximation is better at small lot sizes, ie with maybe 100 to 500 shares. You will simply not be able to consistiently buy/sell/short 5000 share lots in the real world as the simulator lets you do.

    * the simulator will also at times fill you at prices that never happened. The manual has an explanation of how this can happen.
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    The simulator is useless. It will only help with hand /eye coordination.
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    The simulator is useless. It will only help with hand /eye coordination.

    limbo hit the nail on the head. Can't speak for the CyberX sim but I used the CyberTrader sim for about a month. Man, did it make trading feel oh so easy!

    Needless to say I was very shocked when I went live. My nice limit orders, which almost always got filled in the sim, suddenly didn't get filled alot. Market orders, which got filled at or near the inside in the sim, got filled way outside the inside in fast movers. Hmmm. My short orders which almost always got filled in the sim (and at the Ask to boot) often got rejected cuz no uptick, or if accepted didn't get filled. My exits in lightning fast Nas stocks, which always got filled in the sim (usually at no worse than the Bid on a long) suddenly didn't get filled, even .05, .10, .15 outside the inside.

    While the Cyber simulator is probably the best one out there, and useful for learning the software, don't for one minute think that live trading will go anything like it. Not even close.
  5. A friend of mine John makes his living Daytrading. He decided to prove to everyone just had bad that simulator is and made 10 million in a day on his acccount. (with the simulator)

    Try to top that one.

    His real life account is no where close to that performance.

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    made 10 million in a day on his acccount. (with the simulator)

    When I was using the sim for a month I didn't hit those kind of numbers but I was "making" beaucoup bucks. And I remember thinking, this is awful easy, what's the big deal about trading :)
  7. MegRean


    hehe rtharp,

    I just gave it a shot and made a couple of millions in 15 mins ;) but ok it was cheated since I got filled the old or even bad bid/ask prints =))