How Races and Religions Match in Online Dating

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  1. Jews and Agnostics get along better with people.

    Jewish men, in particular, have an above average match percentage with every religious group. They even match Muslim women better than Muslim men do, which I find both a hilarious irony and a somewhat sad reflection on the fact that Muslim males don’t seem to be doing very well.

    Muslims of both sexes and Hindu men get along worse.

    Catholics are more universally liked than Protestants.

    Our next table again aggregates the preferences of those 500,000 random users, but it shows stronger feelings. Red indicates mutual dislike and green, mutual like. For brevity, and because that’s where we have by far the most data, all the tables on this page display data for straight men and women only.


    More than anything this table shows the overall compatibility of all races—indicating that in a perfect world, yes, we could all just get along


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    all crap................size is what matters :p :cool:
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    Jewish men know 'organized state religion' is a scam that is why.

    Jewish are too clever to be fooled by the b.s.

    or Jewish don't give a fuck about religion of the state and state religion is just political b.s.