how profitable is trading energy futures?

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  1. sya


    hello all, this newbie would like to ask some qs :D
    Im planning to do trading as an investment, for long term. I know that for short term there are a lot of fluctuations , but if we look in a long term perspective, from year to year , how many percent does the price increase yearly?

    and how exactly the energy futures differ from normal company stocks?

    what are the media/ website if we wanna trade online (I'm staying in Singapore)? is there any fee required?
  2. doli


    In my opinion, futures aren't good for investors. They are great for hedgers and speculators.
  3. sya


    if i choose the right commodity that have a rising trend, wouldnt it still be prospective?
  4. artis74


    if you pick the right stock with a good trend you can achieve the same with considerably less volatility. energy trading is exceptionaly profitable once you get a handle on the whipsaw maves especialy in natural gas
  5. Here is a monthly oil futures price graph showing about 9 years of data.

    Futures contracts represent a contract to deliver a commodity at some date in the future. This link might help explain:

    Stock usually represents part ownership in a business.

    You might research USO. USO might be a stock that tracks the price of oil.
  6. rosy2


    crude, heat, and rbob calendar spreads work well
  7. sya


    anyone knows data for crude palm oil prices?

    what links/website that we can trade futures online?

    Thxxxxxxx bro