How predictable zionists are!!

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  1. Every time zionist soldiers get a licking in fair and square battles...we get a massacre!!

    Every time the zionist population in the illegal zionist entity call for blood to satisfy their lust...we get a massacre!!

    I guess that is what Rearden meant when he said "Do Not Fuck With Us"!!

    He meant, if a band of fighters defeat the so called fourth strongest army on earth, then their children will be taught how not to fuck with you. Well! They were!

    You have made a deadly mistake though!! Unlike the Palestinian fighters, Hizeb Allah fighters, who share the same bravery as their fellow Palestinian ones, have the arsenal to teach you a lesson, your illegal squatters in all over our beloved Palestine will never, ever forget!!

    Anyway...You have crossed the last red line children killers
  2. Wael

    What, in your opinion, is the best solution for the problem of ongoing violence in the Middle East?
  3. The holy warriors of Allah will keep shooting at Israel from behind the backs of their own children and then accuse the Israelis of massacres. What else is new, they have never learned how to fight but they certainly know how to do good PR.

    "Olmert said that the area was a focal point for the firing of Katyusha rockets on Kiryat Shmona and Afula. He said that from the outset of the conflict, "hundreds of rockets have been fired from the Qana area."

    Defense Minister Amir Peretz was also profoundly repentant for the fatal strike, saying, "this is a tragic incident that is a result of war. Hizbullah operates in the heart of populated centers with the full knowledge of endangering the lives of innocent civilians."

    "We were operating in a place from where Katyushas are being fired and we distributed notices to residents. Unfortunately, people who assembled in the area, whom we were unaware of, were harmed," said Halutz.

    "the terrorist organizations are taking cover among populated areas. We will continue to operate, causing the minimum harm to civilians."
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    I luv you daddy.

    Abba, Abba, tell me the big story about how I must kill, steal and destroy to become a martyr, a martyr from Qatar.

    Abba, Abba, why do we lose every time we start a war with Israel?

    Are we children of the Devil and controlled by Satan?
  6. Exactly Wael, for these holy warriors of Allah who shoot from behind the backs of their own children and are therefore guilty of their deaths, it's just good PR.
  8. (The Israeli Army sure makes a lot of mistakes)

    Israeli air attack kills 54 civilians, including 19 children
    Israel: Strike was 'mistake'; Rice to return to Washington

    TYRE, Lebanon (CNN) -- Israel said it mistakenly destroyed a four-story building near a Hezbollah rocket-launching site in Qana, Lebanon, on Sunday where the Red Cross and Lebanese internal security sources at the scene said 54 people died, including 19 children.

    A Red Cross official said the airstrikes hit a residential building that housed refugees, which Israel said was near Hezbollah rocket launching sites. Officials said they believed at least another 11 children were still under the rubble.

    Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council was to hold an emergency session about the Mideast crisis at 11 a.m. ET Sunday, U.N. officials said.

    And U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will leave Jerusalem for Washington on Monday, senior State Department officials said.

    Rice will work to negotiate a draft resolution to present to the Security Council this week aimed at bringing a halt to the crisis, the officials said.

    In Beirut, outrage about the attack sparked violent protests at the U.N. compound. ( Watch how angry protesters use rocks, boards and poles to break into U.N. compound -- 2:30)

  9. If you have attacked and continue to attack my home and family, I am going to go on a rampage and have little concern for the collateral damage. If I have to kill a thousand people to make sure I get the one that may shoot the missile that kills my wife and children, so be it!
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