How Powerful is your level II

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How Powerful is your Level II?

  1. I Don't have a Level II.

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  2. My Level II has bids/ offers only from Market Makers

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  3. My Level II has also bids/offers from some ECNS

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  4. My Level II has bids/offer from all ecns

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  5. My Level II has bids/offers and books from all ECNS

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  6. My Level II has all that, and I can use it in my platform (ie selecting who to hit, enter orders, ie

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  7. Other (please discribe in the thread)

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  1. I want to know, after reading many posts about your Level IIs, how powerful are they that you have. I.e what can you see, how can you use it?
  2. Ironic that CyberTrader is sponsoring this thread but I use CyberX2 and get full ECN books on BRUT, ISLD/INCA (now INET), and ARCA, plus all market makers and can click on the one I want that hit buy or sell. I could not live without it!!

    Also get streaming Level 2 for all 5 options exchanges. As I trade mostly options that is very nice.

  3. That's exactly how i feel
  4. Turok


    How powerful is my level II?

    Anything your level II can do, mine can do better. Mine can do anything better than yours.

  5. My level 2 is all powerful, it has all these nice moving colors , with all those MM symbols, makes me think I am one of them. I can't help but stare at it. I click on any color and bam I made a trade ! I can't help but click on these nice colors, I like the yellow and the green, it's a change from all the usual red .
  6. I've used Cyber and several other firms in the past. Currently I use the DAS software offered by and it is very good and user friendly. Good execution speed and has all the Level 2 quotes, charting and other bells & whistles that I need.

    The Level 2 has the INCA, ISLD, BRUT and ARCA books built in, along with the regular Level 2 market maker and exchange info.

    I attached a screen shot I had taken for those interested to see how level 2 looks with all the books in there.
  7. Here's my Level II
  8. lescor


    Who's L2 combines ecn's and nyse into one box?
  9. c_verm


    I like level II for playing breakouts on minute by minute chart patterns. If you understand Market maker traps then you can Scalp or make a quick few cents on stocks several times a day.

    My level II only has Market makers on it so I can see if there is a MM trap to profit from. I also havea Island book open so I can see other big orders which would act as support or resistance.
  10. Ares1


    I noticed that the last post was on 2004.

    While I was in the chat room a few months ago, I remember someone commenting that shadowing the Ax is "old school" (not the exact words but the general idea on how I received the comment).

    I'm just wondering how powerful a Market Maker Trap is for traders these days (2007)?
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