How old were you when you bought your first stock?

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  1. Just curious to see if I'm started early/late.


    1. How old were you when you bought your very first stock?

    2. How old were you when you REALLY started trading and getting income from it?

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  2. 6 or so my parents took my to the bank and I bought HPQ

    What do you mean by making money? Like how much? I started buying and sellign when I was about 12. But my junior year of hs is when i got really serious. Such as tracking everything I did %s and everythng.

    Most hated stocks are nke and sbux.

    Longest held is NAT which seems like at least 3 years.

    Most in and out of stcks are: HMY, WPSC, AZK, ESLR. Ive hit BAC and C multiply times but not as much as the previous mentioned.

    Fastest money: AZK 27.443% in 7 calender days.

    Worse loss: SBUX -20.8405% I hate that stock
  3. I started at 24, but only as an aside to working. I'm 34 now.
  4. I was 19 and had 500 bucks, went down to my local discount brokerage, Discount Brokers (Internet wasn't around yet and Discount Brokers is no longer in business) and bought all the Staffmark stock I could (now trades under the ticker EDGW and much lower levels). The only way to really keep up with your position was in the newspaper on a day to day basis. I closed out the position a couple of months later and made 350 bucks. I'll never forget that, my first market investment/trade and profitable at that.

    That was about 16 years ago and I've been trading/investing ever since but full time for the past two years and profitable consistently. I have always been in the markets in some form or fashion over that whole time span. Stocks, bonds, options, real estate and commodities.

    Never too young to start.
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    I believe I was 25 when I traded my first fund. Although I got out too early I was out before the 87' crash. I was about 26 when I bought 100 s of HAS at 16 7/8. I can still remember my heart pounding as I phoned in the order. I sold it a month or so later at 16 3/4, it later traded into the 40's.
    And I've been doing it ever since, getting out way too early that is.
  6. I was 14 or 15 and had saved up some money and I told my dad I wanted to invest it. We went to his broker and bought 2 mutual funds. They did ok over the years, but cashed them out around 22 so I could buy stocks.

    Now, I mainly trade e-mini's and other futures.
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    First trade: 23 -- lost money on some farm equipment company (Internatinal Harvester? Allis Chalmers?) that I thought had been oversold

    First intra-day trading: 38 -- went crazy buying YHOO puts on 8/31/98 as Dow was falling a record 513 points

    First trading full-time for a living: 44