How old are you?

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  1. This kidz got some wicked Math skillz! :D

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  2. Try doing in your head the value of 100 stocks before the NDX does.

    That's what I'd call wicked maths skills. :p
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  3. Graduated in the summer of 2001, got recruited by a prop firm(now bankrupt) for a trading position. I didn't know what it was but liked the idea and the promise of big money. Still trading now, took me one year to get profitable. Now I'm making minimum wage if I avg. the hours I trade each day. I'm looking forward to getting to he next level.
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  4. So how old are you now?

    Hilarious handle I must say! Best luck in your mission!

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  5. It's not the years - it's the miles.
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  6. Ahhh... man it's the miles???

    Marlboro Miles?
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  7. gimp570


    I started trading at 24 years of age. Lost my butt for a year straight have been making money since (for about 5 years) but it has been a real grind. A lot of ups and downs. Not sure what I got myself into...but what else am I going to do for a living? One day you feel like the king of the world the next you feel like killing yourself. thats trading

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  8. I just turned 24.
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