How old are you?

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  1. the following was not written by me.....but i just like it. found it on the internet....

    "Applied Darwinism: the stupid do not survive. Anyone stupid
    enough to point what looks like a real firearm at a police
    officer only deserves the police reaction. A tragedy for the
    family but not for society. This should happen, preferably,
    before they reproduce."
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  2. ROFL :D
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  3. Your words on golden scales. At this stage (now that I know so much more) I'd say:

    A 100% disciplined dummy can trade successfully.

    An 80% disciplined wizard will die.

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  4. 27, started trading full time at 24. I have been gambling with options since about 18 though.

    More or less consistently profitable since 25, with a lot of trouble, since I didn't seem to grasp the idea of "discipline" very well :confused:

    But, I am a talent, so I will make the big league eventually :D

    ps. scientist is my hero
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  5. And how precisely do you intend to marter yourself (blowing yourself up in a school or something???), you low life scumbag terrorist wannabee.... :mad:

    God Bless America in the battle against Evil Doing...
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  6. When I started (day) trading, I would detail every single trade on a piece of paper and include hand-drawn charts, all the analysis, conclusions, opinions, estimates, entry, stop, exit, final P/L etc etc...

    If the trade returned <0% (lost), I would go through all the stats, facts, find all the different areas where I was the furthest off track with my predictions/analysis/lack of discipline/mistakes etc, circle them red, detail them, describe them, suggested how to improve them, and then stick a copy on my office wall, fridge, toilet.

    I'd make a list of my most common mistakes and their ranking, (like 1. Exited too early (fear), 2. Stop Loss too large, 3. Used 'hope' etc and so on and so on. This list would be updated weekly and stuck next to my monitor. I'd look at it every time before I'd place a trade.

    I'd do all the same with my successful trades and figure out WHAT it is that I did right...

    I believe that ANYBODY who trades like this, with real shares (1-100 or whatever share lots) on a broker like IB (which will charge you a mere $1 for a 100-share trade), can learn trading sucessfully within 6 months. Provided you follow this hard path and do plenty of study (books) on the side.

    This sounds silly, folks, but this is true due diligence and discipline. My friends laughed at me and thought I was boring, now I make more money then all of them, and my car & lifestyle ain't boring at all.

    If you want to find an easy way to make lots of money - Why don't you try studying medicine, law etc?

    There's no indicators or systems to buy, there's no shortcut. There's no easy way. Get in deep or get out, age don't matter.

    Have Fun.
    ~Scientist :cool:
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  7. Hey Hey - Settle man! :eek:

    This is not a battlefield. Compassion is the key to happiness.

    We're traders, not warriors. :(

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  8. 40, I confess, don't tell anyone. Trading for 3 years, after 15 years working in mutual funds.
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  9. All due respect, my friend, but with that attitude chances are you go to alcatraz, where your cellmate Bruno holds you down while Otis, Frank and Castor gang-bang you up your paradise till you rather wish you were in hell.

    Settle down man. This stuff doesn't belong here on a board for traders.

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  10. Since even a few Police Officers have become traders (!), talent doesn't seem to be an issue...

    Sorry, didn't mean to be mean :p

    :) Thanks for the comment mate.
    Message me if U have any questions.

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