How old are you?

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  1. Let me tell you that : Don't even THINK ABOUT IT.

    If you don't feel like you're ready, you're far from success.

    When you're getting really confident and understand all terms, platforms, etc etc you're 50% the way.

    When you feel you're 'ready', you're getting a little closer (75%)

    When you can actually -define- your edge over other traders, then you can almost start trading. You're now at breakeven status (100%).

    You start being a successful trader when you're at about 250%...

    250% is when you're capturing a consistent 2-5 points a day on the e-mini's for example. However, start with stocks. Liquid ones.

    Good Luck
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  2. 37.
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  3. I agree. Applied Darwinism.

    But then there's nothing wrong with staying out late to kidnap a couple of primate females, sleep in with them in your bed, and miss a workout 'cause you've already 'worked out' all night.

    Under those circumstances, I don't mind if you grab me off a point on the futures on Monday morning. I can live with that. :D

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  4. 20.

    Father, uncle and two brothers involved in securities industry. I grew up with the markets.

    Spent last two years under the tutorship of one of my brothers. Went it alone from this year.

    I'm a college student, splitting pretty much all my time between studying and trading.

    I'm not particularly interested in the monetary rewards of trading at this point, just concentrating on perfecting the technique. Too early to say how I'm doing at the moment; with my trading style -- going for the homerun -- I spend most of my time in drawdown, with the occasional success stories making me a new equity high.

    Nice to see (I think?) people not much older than me here. :)
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  5. ... wow, time flies!!

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  6. Mecro


    Sounds like you have not even tried trading real money yet.
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  7. prox


    Wow, lots of young people...
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  8. Momento


    Where do you young guys (21 under) get the money to trade? (i mean making enough day in day out to call yourselves traders that trades for a living.)

    I am 26, and worked my butt off and saved up since my first job. (19 y/o) This is why i think i treasure my trading life right now a lot more than some of the peers around me that collected their money the easy way.

    Good luck to all the young guns out there.
    Be humble and things will come. @_@
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  9. tshin01


    Im 21...

    studying for the S7 and 55 right now..

    ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS IN TRADING...but somehow managed to get hired by a prop firm...

    Been reading, DAY TRADING FOR DUMMIES...

    wish me luck..ill see u in the market
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  10. Sounds like your prop firm is going to be paying my rent. :D


    Seriously, take it slow and remember that how much you know is nowhere near as important as how disciplined you are. Good luck!

    Me: 30, started trading when I was 23.

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