How old are you?

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  1. Phreedm


    We are talking about age and not IQ, right?

    Started at 45 and I'm 49 now. Being self employed in another industry, it has been part time. Opportunities abound though, and anyone with eyes can see them.

    In my golden years I plan to supplement my income from my profits.

    Let's see....self employed...I figure my golden years will start at the age of 86.............
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  2. I started trading in the summer of '99, at age 43, 46 now. made lots of money- this is so easy, this trading thing. Then came 2000. Lost lots of money, crushed one small trading account.

    Learning, and starting to become profitable, and consistent (swing trade daily bars).

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  3. I papertraded when I was 21 for a year. Then opened an account with 5k. Traded about a half a year, made some profit, but not enough to make a living off of it. Went to work for about 3,5 years. Then opened a new account with lots more cash. Now I am both working and trading. I will continue to work until my trading profits begin to exceed my salary by 50%.
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  4. Mecro


    I'm 24, started trading a little over 3 months ago, already profitable.

    Go to a good prop firm where they will mentor you so that you do not waste time and money learning from your mistakes.
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  5. 26, never traded full time yet. Consulting has been too lucrative.

    In this environment, I expect I'll be trading full time in a few months.


    ps. 100th post! woohoo seniority.
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  6. hahaha :D
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  7. funky


    i'm 19. actually i'm 26. damn.
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    How come they are trading these days amd making profit!?
    You make me sound like i werea cave boy.
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  10. aradiel


    I'm 20 years old and didn't start to trade officially yet. I mean, I already did some moves but I feel like Im not ready to get really into it.
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