How old are you?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LordMelbury, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. Cool. Me too. Started at 19, am 22.

    What do you do? NQ? NYSE? ES? Scalping? Swing?

    Looking forward 2 some exchange.

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  2. Htrader

    Htrader Guest

    I started trading at age 17 in high school, became consistently profitable at 19.

    I will turn 22 later this june.
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  3. Hey Cool!

    More ppl like me!

    I'm gonna start a poll - To see what's the average age around here... I bet we'll get hundreds to vote!

    Good Luck,
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  4. opw


    Most people are too impatient.

    I am trading for about 19 years papertrading.

    For the time being I am happy to be wildly profitable on paper. I am a paper milionair many times over.

    In a few years I will start trading for real, but only 2 share lots.

    Then in 23 years I hope to scale up to 100 share lots.

    BTW, I am 112 years old and still learning.

    When I grow up I want to be a trader

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  5. lescor


    Didn't know, thought I made it up myself. I guess great minds think alike :p

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  6. started around 20-21... i'm 18 now...
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  7. That would make you a mastertrader.
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  8. F*CK YOU! :D

    I was appealing to the average trader here. I read some stats the other day saying that since the new SEC rules (need 25k+ to daytrade) had been instated, the trading world has become a lot more competitive, and recent estimates say that realistically only about 985/1000 traders lose money over the long run, while only 15 survive. Survive, that is. Does that mean: Make money???

    Sure makes me wonder what they're all doing. I mean, if it comes hard on hard, I can throw away all my trading systems and still make money with a 10/20/50/100SMA on pretty much any stock.
    Actually, maybe even without the MA's. I can do them in my head.
    Actually, maybe even without the charts.
    How about a Lv2 screen? :D

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  9. That's great. Now you can give up and sell your knowledge on the internet. :D

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  10. opw


    Scientist, for the record, I think you are absolutely right, but was only joking here.

    I do not understand the big losses either. Why not trade small lots like 10 or 15 shares with IB until profitable excl. comm.

    Then scale up.

    Sorry..., did not mean to offend anyone
    #20     Jun 8, 2003