How often does Globex crash??

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Barings, Feb 19, 2002.

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    Was thinking of opening up a futures account but scared out of my mind reading a few past posts regarding "fillable" stops not being filled. Is this a regular occurence or is it the fault of the brokers trading platforms??
  2. I have never had any problems. Must be broker/software related for the most part. Globex has only gone down once in the past few months that I am aware of. It only lasted a short period of time too.
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    I have seen globex go down twice in the last year, which maybe the total it has gone down, as i have watched it everyday for 95% of that year.

    So, the chance of you being in the market when it goes down is minimal. But you would want to prepare, by having already planned which other non-globex markets you would use in order to offset any position you were concerned about.
  4. On the CME's web site there is part about FIX connections; if you look hard enough there is or used to be a on going report of outages. In summary, more than you think.
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    Hi all,

    I am new to this board and learning about day trading the electronic futures.

    Can anyone pls shed some light what is likely to happen if the Globex/eCBOT re-opens after a crash ?

    Example :
    ER2 last price at 680.4, globex then crashes, electronic trading halts, what are the possible scenario when globex reopens ?
    Can such a situation badly affect traders with open positions ?
    What is your contingency plan (if any), assuming one has no access to trade the big contract.

    Anyone with bad experience with such situation also very much appreciated.

    I read an article posted on CBOT that the author used the big contract to "hedge" his open position in the mini dow, is this a viable
    way ?

    Good trading to all. :)
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    tends to open where the cash is currently trading + costs of carry(interest etc)
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    Have yourself an "OUT" such as a Hedge in case the electronic world gets zapped.

    For instance if you trade Globex and it goes down you might Hedge through the CBOT. ES vs YM, as example.

    For the internet, you should have a second connection, example, cable and DSL.

    Keep your landline phone also, cell phones can be useless sometimes, a phone is also a backup if the entire internet goes down.

    Remember the pit at SP500 is still live, honest to goodness real people doing the job, so you might be able to offset ES etc, if you are set up for that.

    Get an apartment as close to the Merc as possible...HA...then you can "RUN" over to the MERC...:D

    But be aware this is all part and parcel of electronic world, it is not perfect, never will be. If a problem comes up be aware it is your baby, HANDLE IT!!!!! You can be assured they have their butts covered in all those papers you sign... Be aware, but be protecting #1.......
  8. If you are scared out of your mind that a stop might not execute, then you are taking too much risk and using too much leverage.
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    Jeez, this thread was started almost 4 years ago. I'm sure the original poster blew out three and a half years ago.:)