How often do you experience technical difficulties???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sunggong, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Man, it's frustrating!

    First, my cable connection was down for the 1st hour when I make the most money!

    Now, my freaking broker can't even provide me with accurate feeds.


    I'm losing $$$ by not being able to trade!!!

    Alright, I'm calm now....
  2. do you have embarq? mine was on and off intermittently all morning. Do you have road runner please let me know. was thinking about subscribing to that.
  3. I have roadrunner cable internet and phone, probably 3-4 years now. When it has been down (twice) it is not (technical) equipment related I think it was a storm and power related problems.
  4. Strongly consider getting a dual wan router like Xincom or Hotbrick if you can get another high speed connection that's reliable and affordable. The switch over I have heard and read takes about 30 seconds. Do a search on ET and google. Also sounds like you need a good back up broker.
  5. Always have an telephone (dial in) account at hand.

    Some of them only charge per minute, billed along your phone account, with no minimum charges.