How Obamanomics will bring us to prosperity!

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    Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:


    1: to cherish a desire with anticipation <hopes for a promotion>
    2archaic : trust
    transitive verb
    1: to desire with expectation of obtainment
    2: to expect with confidence : trust

    Sorry folks, but hope does not prove anything and never has.

    Enjoy the demise of our once great country. Our founding fathers left us guidelines for a reason and we have thrown them away on the bases of "HOPE" and greed.

    I only hope our children and grand children will forgive us all for our blatent ignorance! Just maybe they will do their homework and go back to our founding fathers and ad hear to the warning and knowledge they left us with.

    Only then we can hopefully rest in peace when our time comes, that our siblings will endure the same opportunities that were given to us.

    Nothing against Obama personally, just his stated government policies.
  2. Obama will ONLY be just the next globalist puppet minion sitting in the white house.......he will be the next ALLOWED in the white house for ONLY one thing;

    "Continuity of Administrations"

    Obama will ONLY be there to continue more of the same.....I WILL be proved right and that makes me mad as hell!!! :mad:
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    Yep Yep Yep!
  4. On this video it talks about the government borrowing from the economy. But fails to talk about the government borrowing from overseas, or directly from the Fed. If the government borrows from the fed, it creates inflation from the printed money, and does not contract the money supply by taking money from investors.
  5. I'm a big believer in the scientific method. Observe and measure, then try to form conclusions around the data. OK, if we observe and measure, we see that since the Bush administration applied trickle-down, high tax cut, high deficit supply-side economics, the economy has become bloated with debt that has dragged the GDP into negative territory (a recession).

    So, now that we know that Republican supply-side "freemarket" economics don't work, let's try Obamanomics. Obamanomics is more demand side, although it's incremental and not as strongly demand side as I think it needs to me to counteract the many evils that supply-side brought us. Let's try Obamanomics for four years and see what the data and our observations say.

    What mystifies me are people who insist on continuing to support low tax supply-side economics despite overwhelming evidence it doesn't work. Forget the propaganda and the politics, just look at the data. Supply-side in, recession out. So why keep pushing on a string?
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    Bush, Clinton and Bush were not "Free Market". It was Kanye economics with a mirage pitch of "Free Markets". You can't cut taxes and spend like a drunken sailor. I think you mistaken my post as a republican pitch. The recent republicans were Dems times two. Now were gonna get Dems times five!
  7. *cough* Reagan *cough*
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  9. +1

    'Corruption as economic policy' is a drag on the economy as well.
  10. Your data, assumptions, and conclusions are simply wrong.

    I suggest you expand your time horizon a bit, maybe include the last 200 years or so, and then, maybe then, you might be able to understand how the US has become the largest economic power in the world.
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