How Obama pretends to replace the jobs war creates?

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  1. Military keynesianism
  2. Military creates practically no jobs when compared to every other kind of spending.

    Throwing money down a toilet and hiring 3 guys to unclog the toilet anytime it's too full also creates "jobs", it's about cost efficiency.
  3. it'll be interesting when the 140,000 troops come home, what jobs will they have? building highways perhaps?

    and without a war in iraq, we won't need to build humvees and rifles and other weapons, so what will happen to those defense companies?
  4. They can build some more spec houses.
  5. private security for those who seek protection in the next civil war
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    i've seen a post like this b4 on ET. wtf are you guys talking about? you act as if it's WWII and 1/2 the men got drafted. what, you think the war ends and the Army is going to free these soldiers of their enlistment commitment? war over= troops are at Ft. Bragg instead of camp freedom. Army is undermanned right now. the longstanding requirement of the military is to be able to fight a 2 front war. we don't have this now.

    geesh, use your head.

  7. Thankfully, an intelligent poster.

    Of the 140,000 troops, a large % of them are active duty. When they're deployment is over they go back to thier active duty station (base). Then they continue training, their job, etc.

    Thank Clinton for our troop drawdown. Now we're making up for it. And being that the military is one place people KNOW they'll get a paycheck and this war may be drawing down, there has been and will be and increase in recruits.
  8. US spends more on military than most other 1st world countries combined? And you want more war? I thought america was peaceful LMAO.

    Soliders do not have any freedom: no freedom to leave, no freedom of what to wear, or how to cut hair, or freedom of movement (they are told where to go). No freedom to resist or question. They are not allowed to think: they must Just Follow Orders. Violence , paranoia, and isolation are encouraged.
    Yet these guys are suppored to 'spread freedom' by use of WMD and guns?

    "You are either with us or against us (and then we can kill you).
    "stand behind us or stand in front of us".

    No dissent is allowed in Soviet USA!

    Do you really wish for more PTSD-affected, possibly drugged up, trained killers/torturers running around your country and finding jobs in your local police force?

    So, if all the manufacutring is now outsourced to india and china will america's only creation be war and occupying resource-rich 3rd world countries?
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    with all due respect- you're a prick. nice grouping of leftist propaganda about our soldiers- of which i am one. yeah, all baby killers and torturers.

    your post could only be written by someone who has no idea what it's like to serve his country. without American soldiers, this would be a dramatically different world. if you feel that world would have been a better one than we live in today without the American soldier, i'd suggest a trip to Europe to visit some of the handiwork of the nazis. oh, and talk with some elderly Asians in asia about the merits of the Japanese soldiers who served teh empire in WWII. in a perfect world, your 'make love not war' ideals would be appropriate. it's not a perfect world.

    oh, and as to the 'freedom' of soldiers- we have a military of VOLUNTEERS here in the US- they're all pretty sure they're not joining your commune when they sign up...
  10. There is an interesting documentary called "War made easy" which deals with this subject. Agreed that WWII would be one of the last 'legitimate' wars the US has fought. As seen by public opinion for it remaining high throughout the whole fight. As opposed to recent wars (vietnam, iraq etc) whos public opinion dropped as soon as Americans realized they went to war on false pretenses (needlessly). Spreading 'freedom' on the end of a bayonet is a fundamentally flawed idea.

    In response to your statement I quoted. Id propose the hypothesis that without American soldiers, with respects to Iraq and Afghanistan, the world would be a dramatically different place, for the better. Less needless loss of life , Iraq wouldn't be a destabilized/war torn country, American would be much richer and safer (not to mention the drastic 180 on world opinion of the US post 9/11 to today). Though we can only guess at what the world would be like, blindly assuming its better with American soldiers or worse would be somewhat naive.

    "NORMAN SOLOMON: Of course, we want to help other people. These are propaganda messages that say don’t just think of yourself, America can't just be selfish. It makes bombing other people ultimately seem like an act of kindness, of altruism."
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