How not to do business in China

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  1. Yesterday started China's three days of mourning. The color of mourning in China is white. Newspapers all used black and white prints yesterday. The only exception was an ad insert by McDonald's which was red. Red in China is the color of celebration. This drew angry protests in front of McDonalds
    It looks like McDonalds have a big problem now.
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    these people need to get a life
  3. Actually China doesn't need McDonalds.

    It is not business. It is rip-off.

  4. Please shut down all McDonalds, KFC restaurants in China and thank you.

  5. only time people in the u.s.a are mad at mickey ds is when u miss breakfast at 11:01
  6. Many U.S. corporations are blood suckers in
    other countries and have no respect to
    local customs.

    Don't do business with other countries. If you do business outside of U.S., you are handing out your fortunes. Please keep them to yourself.


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    Yes, all corporations are evil and oppressive and shouldn't develop new markets in a global economy because they are mean!
  8. Staged protest brought to you by the folks at KFC. :D

    BTW - worst staged protest ever.

  9. These types of 'protests' are usually bought and paid for by some interest group. whether its another fast food company or some local govt office.

    People in China don't get out of bed over things like this without a motive. They are way to busy trying to figure out how to make money.

    China is not a socialist country like the US where you can sit on your ass all day in an air conditioned house watching TV and collecting govt money on several different levels to support your beer and mac and cheese lifestyle. Peaple wearing nice clothes are busy working in china. No free handouts from the govt to buy nice clothes.

    OP should spend some time in china before letting everyone know how gullible they are to simple propaganda.
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    I still see a big red bloody flag hanging, why don't they take it down instead.
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