How nice are people on elitetrader vs other forums

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  1. Compared to other forums you have been on how nice, friendly... etc are the people on elitetrader on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being assholes and 10 being very friendly
  2. Craig66


    I have found most people on any forum are usually pretty good, however it seems that ET has a hardcore of idiot trolls whose sole purpose in life is to post personal insults & bullshit. On most forums these morons would be shutdown, however here they seem to flourish.
  3. You just described everyone on the net
  4. kowboy


    The term "elite" is a misnomer, unless there are some changes to existing policy. There seems to be little effort spent to ban users who consistently instigate fighting and little effort expended to eliminate foul language.
  5. People come here to be assholes, actually worse than that.
    It's because of the money, the envy, the frustration.
    I am occasionally on motorcycle forum and a gun forum as well and everybody is nice.
  6. That's because they get their frustrations out by shooting people from their motorcycles
  7. Elitetrader and 4chan is about even.
  8. No but for sure firing guns and riding a bike at full speed help release frustrations.

    But I would guess that forums centered around money , career, etc. have more assholes. Traders are themselves generally a particular breed of assholes.
  9. You have not seen anything until you visit some science groups, particularly sci.physics in the usenet and see how supposedly intellectual people with Ph.D degrees insult eachother.
  10. My experience with other forums is positive, but here a lot of people seem angry. Now I gave up the idea of learning anything of value, I just come here to see people fighting.
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