How my shrink gave me trading advice

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  1. I want to give you guys something to laugh at :)

    when I was a losing trader, I became suicidal, hard work for nothing. So I go to a shrink, supposedly a good one.

    And after I explain what I am feeling he asks me

    "So what do you know about nature of the market"

    He slowly through talk explained that stock market is so unpredictable that no one can use it for lifetime to make money consistently.

    Well the story ends in me one year later finally realizing that day trading is very doable indeed.

    Should I track my shrink down and tell him how I can OWN his ass now doing the impossible :D
  2. No you should wait in case you hit another losing streak
  3. LOL :p

    who do you think you are talking to junior :cool: that was 11 years ago
  4. Considering it's the internet I'm sure I'm taking to a millionaire male model

    It's amazing how many I bump into on here :p
  5. It will also be hard to upset a guy that charges $200 an hour for listening to your sad stories
  6. model ????? am afraid not,

    but can I tell that you are where I was 10 years bet your ass :)
  7. You might have a need to be right or to be acknowledged by some authority figure as being right. I suspect the need to be right or the need to be acknowledged by some authority figure might be troublesome for a trader.
  8. hey maybe I SHOULD see my shrink but about different issues as you point out :p

    you guys are the best shit ever :D

    I think most of you are computer geeks that don't really have psychological makeup that is required for some heavy scalping
  9. He used reverse psychology on you.:eek:
  10. Track him down and give him a beating. Then you'll feel even better.
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