How much $ you trading with?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Vinny Gigante, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. How much is in your wallet (trading account) ?
  2. Foz


    Interesting poll!

    You might get a different result if you asked "how much of your own money are you trading with".

    Another interesting poll would be "how much do you make or lose trading each day (standard deviation of daily P&L)". A big account can be traded very conservatively and vice versa.
  3. ive got 1000 and im going to turn it into a million this year. oops that has already been
  4. 25K to 100K is a pretty wide envelope.

    Should have been:

    < 25K

    25 - 40K

    40K - 75K

    75K - 100K

    > 100K

    Just my humble opinion.
  5. KavMan


    I trade with $40,000 and sweep out any profits at the end of the week
    Plus I never borrow on margin, well sometimes just a couple thousand to get my shares even to where I want it
    My rule is don't trade with money you don't have
  6. these results. everyone sure they're being honest?

    it's not right to misrepresent. the poll will be skewed.
  7. Same here, except for the sweeping.
  8. 70K, and about to get more capital.
  9. cheeks



    cheeks >25k:(
  10. yo vinnay! for some reason thoughts of pots and kettles are coming to mind..
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