How Much Ya Do today?

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    This thread is to post how many trades you did in a day and how much did you end up making in points.

    10 trades=+1.25 ES points

    Too many trades for too little money.........:confused:
  2. Beginner level: 1 contract, except for a scale in of 1 contract on one trade. Full day with sideline from bars 33 to 52 (5 min chart).

    12 trades=6.3=6.75points net.

    2 washes
    3 losses
    7 winners

    There were 4 reversals in the mix.

    Yesterday (thurs) net 6.1 points, weds 4.1 points (Same person 1/2 day, each day)
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    6 trades
    3 winners
    2 losers
    1 wash
    p/l -2.00 points

    Tuesday....ES & NQ

    6 trades
    5 winners..ES
    0 losers
    1 wash...NQ
    p/l +1.25
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    Wednesday ES

    16 trades
    11 winners
    3 losers
    2 washes

    Plus +1.25

    I am overtrading again.....and my losers blew the winners out of the water:confused:
  5. 15.5 points/contract :eek:
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    4 trades

    4 winners
    0 losers
    0 washes

    3 ES +0.75
    1 NQ +1.5

    Did not expect much since yesterday was such a nice range.
  7. weds was Greenspan day

    A wash before 11am

    Did part 1 and part 3 of Greenspan; two trades 11pts net.

    PM trading 2 trades for 6.2 points.

    Net 17.2 pts.


    Flat top BO@ synch 2pts

    Got whipsawed @ bar 25 to bar 27(5min) loss of 5.0pts

    And did iceberg (short) from bar 27 to bar 77(5min), 4.2pts.

    Net for day 1.2 points. There was a scaling in or out(one way only) on each of the three trades.
  8. just started trading real cash (again) wednesday.
    yeah baby +$6.25 after commissions for today.
    +$63.73 for the week trading (1) 5 year note. i only trade the mornings around 8am-10:30am because of work.

    scratched (BE+1 tick) yesterday after a great entry - fear setting in.

    fear so far the problem. i scratched (BE) today because setup did not look good - was looking at wrong charts so covered but no fear.
    then scratched (BE+1 tick) because of upcoming reports (was long but didn't want to hold into 9:45 reports). but then setup looked good to fade the spike in 5 year notes. i was set to short on retry of spikes high. then pulled the order when price hit my sell limit. setup looked great but fear set in.

    need to work on the 'don't worry' about losing attitude.
  9. 73+ NQ heh :D

    who's your daddy?


    ps drinks on me ! :)
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