How much would you pay?

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    There are many people, some of them successful traders, who are convinced that TA doesn't work. Granted, a lot of TA is outright garbage, and some TA requires a degree of discretionary talent: chart reading and candlestick interpreting come to mind.

    But my question is: Assuming that you don't already own the following and you don't have the time or resources to develop it on your own, how much would you pay for a purely mechanical TA trading system that consistently beat buy-and-hold in backtests even after subtracting trade fees and slippage? Thanks.
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    Alot !!!!

    Taking it one step further, I have really come to find candle stick charting, particularly Reversal Signals , to be very
    very beneficial to my overall trading profitability !!
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    Million Dollars.


    Dave Liu
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