how much $ would you pay never to hear

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  1. Bartiromo's voice again?
  2. not sure why this is here, in p&r but why not
  3. I was at the library yesterday and this book was on the "new" book shelf. I checked it out and threw it in the dumpster on the way out of the library.


  4. I laughed when I picked it up. I laughed when I put it down.

    I never read it. a hahahahahaha
  5. Liar! You kept the outer jacket and attached it to your dart board and then called her parent's restaurant for take-out. :p
  6. Jack Welch's wife wrote a book and Maria interviewed her; it was like Ray Charles interviewing Stevie Wonder in an art gallery what he thought of the artwork.
  7. fhl


    I clicked on her head and there was nothing inside.