How Much would you pay for speed?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by SitrusTrader, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. Snoop don't sell speed no more.

    But I can hook you up with some brotha's that can take care of you.
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  2. Hi Archangel,

    This "faster" illusion is very popular with non-traders. As you pointed out, many questions remain unanswered about speed. Raw connection speed is almost irrelevant - I'm not talking here about quotes lagging by second(s).

    What goes on at the brokers or exchange in preliminary checking and validating (account, credit, margin, order validity) is much more important in the equation. It is not even possible to discuss this before making unambiguous assumptions about account type, traded instrument, clearing, exchange seat or not, etc.

    I am a rather very short term trader. What I learned is to avoid hairtrigger oneshot jobs. Usually my good trades offered me several, sometimes surprisingly many, opportunities to enter and exit. It's only a matter of finding these.

    Be good,

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  3. Arnie


    Speed is a factor, but a good connection is 100 times more valuable to me. At least for my style of trading, a few mils isn't going to make a difference. Getting disconected will.
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  4. nitro



    That is something I have considered. However, here are the issues I have with that:

    1) From what everyone tells me, this is no faster than if you have a direct line to the exchange, and it is quite a bit more expensive. Remember, a Globex terminal is just a computer. The speed gains from a Globex terminal _should_be_ that you have to get a direct line to the exchange. Well I can bypass the globex terminal and do that myself quite a bit cheaper.

    2) All of my trading of ES/NQ in the near future is going to be 100% automated. AFAIK, there is no programatic interface to a globex terminal.

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