How Much Would Do 'It' For You?

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  1. If you could settle on a figure, never to be adjusted or renegotiated again, how much money would allow you the psychological comfort to walk away from trading, investing or any other additional profit making activity, and allow you to focus on passions you have, the things you never were able to to do, or charitable and philanthropic endeavors?

    What is the minimum amount that would allow you to reinvent yourself?
  2. Please, trading IS my passion.
  3. TM1


    $1 Billion
  4. $150,000 would do it.
    OH..walk away from trading?

  5. Trust me, that's not enough to walk away from anything.
  6. timbo


    Did someone say, pussy.

    If not, I'm def. in the wrong forum.
  7. TM1


    Unless you've got 2 weeks left to live.
  8. 3 Million and then I would be content. long way from there.
  9. Hmm... Bill Gates has $56 billion. I'd like a penny more than that.
  10. 200 billion. Then I would make Bill Gates my houseboy, Oprah would be my maid, and Bush would have to clean my toilets.
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