how much will futures react to surprise cut premkt?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by prof. charles, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. any thoughts?
  2. Don't worry about it 'cause it ain't going to happen.

    Good Luck!
  3. nobody else heard the rumors? look what happened last time mkt did this late in the day? lets just say it does - how much will s&p futures rise? 30-40 handles?
  4. From these levels, 40 handles at the moment the rate cut is announced but it won't close the day up more than 25 handles after the big run we had today.
  5. Actually, considering that this rumor is so widespread, I think 30 handles at the most. And I don't think the market will hold on to more than half that gain over the day. So we may only get a 1% daily gain after a surprise rate cut IMO. That would be brutal for market psyche.
  6. CAD Canadian dollar up from .9900 to 1.000 plus ($1000.00+ per contract).
  7. You all know Ben-bot is speaking tomorrow right. :)
  8. well that would make sense...he will be explaining the motives behind the surprise cut.
  9. surprise?:confused:
  10. A better question might be...How will the market react if there isn't a "surprise" rate cut tomorrow or friday morning.

    Seems like many people are banking that Ben is going to shoot the bears (again).
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