How much training is needed to make $

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  1. Wondering how much training I or anyone else should get?

    Heard that some train and succeed in 3-6 months, whereas other never get it.
    How much do specific strategies, aptitude, hand holding matter after the basics are instilled for prop trading? Afterall, there are a thousand ways to earn a living from the markets.
    Some firms are better than others obviously. Traders have no risk - correct (as opposed to having a self funded account).

    Does that make it easier - trading someones capital?

    The ability to gain confidence by doing seems more important than instructors reading from a book or sharing even novel ideas since all such ideas lose the profitability once diluted.

    Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. None, during the 1999 period of internet boom. You could throw a dart at astock and make money. You could do the same. I mean throw a dart.(nothing to with money). But then we could say, you don't know what will happen tomorrow so you only have 33% chance of making money (make money, lose money, neither lose nor win).

    So, expierence is not necessary it is just a gut feeling. Although some assembly required for the gut feeling like looking for patterns, looking for price action. But what have worked yesterdy may not work tomorrow. You see where I am going with this.

    Study some chart patterns. If you dont have a life study some price action you will be fine.

    PS the indicators are lagging so I dont use them ask someone else about that.

  3. Training/learning really never stops. Even my brother who has made zillions trading works really hard to stay at the top of his game.

    Just my opinion,

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    Don, you frequently state that your compliance officers are very strict with regards to your posting here at ET and truthfulness. In light of that, could you tell us exactly how many "zillions" he has made?
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    3 months to get consistently profitable with a high frequency strategy is la la land more like 3 years of constant trial and error and many hardships along the way. This by the way is a very conservative estimate you cannot become a top lawyer or doctor in 3 months training so why think this is any different only the top people make any moeny in this game so to be profitable you have to have years of exp and some ability.
  6. really depends who is doing the training I would say.
  7. Well, it's been brought up before - but it's in the low to medium 9 figures from personal trading with all personal funds (no OPM other than standard Reg T).. He rarely brings it up, but does like to say how he started with $3,000 in blackjack money back in the Mid-Seventies.

    I really don't like to get into his personal finances, as you noted, everything is recorded.


  8. that's true, that is why it varies so much between offices
    but I would add
    really depends on who are the trainees and how many. Their experience level, degree of motivation, etc.

    my guess, 1-2 months, the rest is up to the individual trainees own learning curve. & cash mgmt discipline.