How much to start with?

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    Hello Im new, Im just in the learning process right now. I was wondering if starting with 2000 would be possible. I know that I would only be able to do 3 trades in 5 day period. Right now thats all the money I can use.
  2. Don't be anxious to jump in. Work and save up for a while and then come back when you have a much bigger amount, say $20k+. In the meantime, read and learn all you can about the market (the older the book, the better, seriously).
  3. Be possible for what?

    Yes...some brokers allows opening a trading account with as little as 2000 dollars.

    Realistically, that 2k will by your tuition money so make sure you document everything (trades, emotions, routine et cetera) to get the most out of that tuition money you are about to spend.

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    I'll tell you what. Give me half of that, then I'll take you out back and kick you in the nuts.

    That way you get to keep half. You'll be alot better off. Trust me.
  5. what do you want to trade?

    u can spreadbet starting with just $100. no problem. start with 0.50 cent per point.

  6. lol hahahaha :D

    or u can just send it to me and ill trade it for you.. u call the shots, ill take 5% commision. :D
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    If you're trading options that's more than enough money.
  8. The amount of money you start with, dictates the amount of money you should trade with on each trade.

    ElectricSavant uses a microscopic amount of money to trade with compared to his equity sitting in the account in question.

    As long as you keep commissions factored in, you can weigh out the validitiy of your plan.

    Of course you need an edge too and be careful with leverage accelerations and such.


  9. And just to let you know never ever listen to cramer he's an a-hole.
  10. If you are gonna start with $2000, you are gonna have to risk losing around 20% of your account per trade to have some kind of shot of making a modest living out of trading...

    In other words, you are gonna do one of two things
    1) slow bleed or stay flat if you don't risk enough
    2) blow up if you risk too much

    On an account size of $2000 there is no compromise between 1) and 2)...

    So, buddy, here is my recommendation... get together around $50,000, and then you have a shot at making a living... even then, the odds are only around 5% of succeeding at making a living... but with your $2k, your odds are close to 0% of succeeding...
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