How much time do you spend trading ?

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    I like many of you out there work 9-5 and don't have an entire day to devote to trading. I know there's some of you that actually do this full-time, but for someone like me, I can dedicate 90 minutes - 2 hours during the day continuously, (around 12 - 2 our lunch period) and check up on the market several times during days and make a quick trade. Does this sound like something practical and do you guys actually trade like this. I can't imagine everyone out there is trading Index Futures all day from 930 - 5.

    P.S. Is it not worth it to trade ES,ER2,YM in the after hours. Are the fills really that bad ? Because evening would be ideal for a 9 - 5'er

    Please advise.

    Thanks !
  2. yes, many on this board trade the eminis 9-5eastern all day long... many...just a thought for someone like yourself...look at the CME currencies futures and the Eurex DAX, Bund and FTSE etc....all trade overnight are are very liquidity on the ER2, NQ, YM could place early morning or overnight trades on the before you go to bed or say from 5am to time you go to can definetly do it...
  3. oh yea, forgot, you can also trade the Ecbot 10,5,2 notes overnight and the 30 year bond and also CL...crude oil...not the minis though...all very liquid...
  4. I love the flexibility of trading. Last week I traded from a hotel room on vacation. Everything went well. Just 9 to noon each day. Made a few pts then went off exploring.


  5. this is it exactly...great!!!
  6. Yeah, same here. I usually make a few points in the mourning and pretty much call it a day.
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    I am trading from Ipanema next week a few hours in the morning and between garotas!

    el surdo

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    Thanks for the replies.

    So is there enough activity from lets say 5am until 730am ? Or from 6pm - 8pm in terms of liquidity and getting good fills. on the E-mini's (ES,ER2, etc. etc.)

    You bring up a good point with the currency market and forex is another option, but I'm really not familiar at all with those markets. I'm just starting to get a better understanding of equities but hardly know anything about currency pairs, and the dynamics that drive those instruments.

    Here's a hypothetical a person that can trade E-mini's successfully using solid Technical Analysis (mainly trend discovery, entry/exits) Can this person be successful in the currency markets just based on T.A. and not as much fundamental knowledge ?

    Thanks guys !
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    You guys gotta be kidding me. I trade and work at this 14 hours a day 5 days week. Saturday and Sunday too. That's what you are up against.

    Trust me -- you may make a few tics here or there w/ your hobby method, but you're just missing too much of the big picture -- and that's where the real money is made. There is no way the guy down in Mexico (banging his wh...ore while trading) can be in tune w/ what's going on in the financal world. This sh....t requires incredibly hard work.

    My guess is that at the first sign of trouble you part timers will pack it in for the next "great" thing that comes down the pike. Real Estate flipping anyone?
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    I agree that it takes a lot of work, and want to be in it for the long haul, no dot com, get rich quick scheme in mind here. When you said you're working and trading. Are you working at night and trading Index futures during the day ? or Work normal hours and trade forex at night ? How do you have you're career / trading schedule structured I'm definitely serious about it and want to learn to do it the right way.

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