How Much Time a Marketable Order in ES Takes to be Filled?

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  1. Hello I'm using IB demo and tried NINJA TRADER demo, but the time to orders be filled in IB is too fast, and NINJA TRADER although the order is in a marketable price she is not filled, I live in North of Brazil if you want to know, how much time your order takes to be filled? I simulate trades of just 0.25 points of difference, in IB is very lucrative in Ninja is a way to ruin, I want your help.
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    If by "marketable" order you mean a market order, my fills in Ninja sim are faster than you can blink an eyeball. Or even think about blinking an eyeball. They are insta fills, which is to be expected. So, umm, no issues here? Perhaps speak with your ISP, or IB, or Ninja. Or all three at the same time.
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  3. figure market both side, so handicap yourself .25 in and .25 out see what you wind up with.
  4. Not a Market Order, I send Limit order in current price, ex: 200 vs 200.25, I send a limit order in 200.
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    what you are observing is the difference in the order fill software for different simulators. Nothing to do with how long a real order will take to fill. If using a simulator do what MarkBrown suggested. Then if your still making money you may have a chance to make money with real trades. There is a least one Broker whose simulator software fills buy orders on the bid and sell orders on the ask, the exact opposite of what happens most of the time for most retail traders. Of course, If you could regularly buy on the bid and sell on the ask, you'd make easy money.
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    You cannot make general statements about how fast you will be filled. It differs from day to day, hour to hour, month to month. There are too many factors that influcence this.

    The only way to get a feel for it is to either:
    1) trade a live account and place real orders
    2) Trade in sim with a software that calculates your (estimated) position in queue.

    In live trading, CME supports already Level 3 (market by order) since quite a while. This means you will know exactly how many contracts are still in front of you before you get filled. In simulated trading, this is of course not possible, because you have no order at the exchange. But both CQG/Sierra,TT and Jigsaw offer an ESTIMATED position in queue in their simulated trading. Simulated fills in their software are based on this information and are therefore pretty realistic.

    So if you want to get a feel, how your orders would be filled in a live market, without the risk of actually loosing money, then you should get either CQG/ Sierra, TT or Jigsaw and test your trading in their simulated environment.
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  7. [QUOTE = "CALLumbus, postagem: 4713641, membro: 45884"] Você não pode fazer declarações gerais sobre o quão rápido você será preenchido. Difere dia a dia, hora a hora, mês a mês. Existem muitos fatores que influenciam isso.

    A única maneira de ter uma ideia é:
    1) negocie uma conta real e faça pedidos reais
    2) Negocie no sim com um software que calcule sua posição (estimada) na fila.

    Na negociação ao vivo, o CME já suporta o Nível 3 (mercado por ordem) desde há algum tempo. Isso significa que você saberá exatamente quantos contratos ainda estão à sua frente antes de ser preenchido. Na negociação simulada, isso obviamente não é possível, porque você não tem ordem na bolsa. Mas ambos CQG / Sierra, TT e Jigsaw oferecem uma posição ESTIMATED na fila em suas operações simuladas. Os preenchimentos simulados de seu software baseiam-se nessas informações e, portanto, são bastante realistas.

    Então, se você quiser ter uma idéia de como seus pedidos seriam preenchidos em um mercado ao vivo, sem o risco de realmente perder dinheiro, então você deve obter CQG / Sierra, TT ou Jigsaw e testar sua negociação em seu ambiente simulado. /CITAR]
    Thanks, I earn a lot of money, so I want to know if its possible earn trading like this, other Thing is I'm in Brazil so my orders delay too much, I will try some of this brokers that you wrote
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    Some brokers will hold your limit order on their server until it is close to the market. The advantage is you can freely cancel or cancel and replace your order without incurring a fee from the exchange (this depends on the exchange obviously, there may be no fee), but the big disadvantage is that you will almost always get positioned deep in the order queue -- your broker makes you a "johnny-come -lately." You'll have little chance, if you are buying, for example, to be crossed with a sell market order, instead you'll have to wait until the market drops through your limit price and you get crossed with the ask. What this means is that the market will virtually always be moving against you when you buy or sell. This can be an important factor in day trading.
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    I have observed this and had made a similar message earlier. That message had IB live on one side and AMP multicharts simulated on the other. But since then I have traded the AMP multicharts live and still observe that IB orders on live almost get filled as soon as the price is touched whereas in AMP multicharts live, it takes a few passes to the price and then gets filled. Although I do not have a DOM on IB whereas AMP I have a DOM. Both are limit orders
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    The just sell at the current bid, or buy at the current ask? Give me a tick, Vascilly? One tick only, please. :)

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