How Much Size do you swing on the ES

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  1. Here's a thread to get a feel for people who place large size on the ES, either on a regular basis or have done it on a one time trade. Here are my questions:

    1. What's the largest position you've ever swung on one order with the ES?

    2. If you used a market order how much slippage, if any, did you get?

    3. What's the max size you feel comfortable swinging.

    As someone who does not trade too large (I think between 8-10 contracts has been my largest single order), I want to get a feel for how large people are willing to go and still feel comfortable. I know the liquidity on the ES is sick (in a good way) how sick is it?

  2. 30 is my absolute maximum: intraday only and not too frequently... 10-20 is the norm (again intraday)... and after a streak of losers, I often cut back to 5...
  3. candletrader,

    Is there any noticeable slippage with 30 contracts, or are your fills fairly instant?
  4. Lets put it diplomatically: way more "instant" than trying to get filled on the same face value's worth of a nasdaq or nyse stock... everything's relative in trading, and the leverage effect of futures has positive liquidity and fills ramifications relative to stocks...
  5. I would like to believe you but I just can't. sorry.
  6. okwon


    I don't get it. Why wouldn't you believe him?
  7. If you think 10-20 contracts is big, you obviously aint studied the time and sales, dude :p

    In the world of ES, I am small fry...
  8. Please post a link to your website again. Why did you remove all the links to it? It was very educational.
  9. I think one of the funniest things in the world is watching T&S,

    1 trade @ ask
    10 @ bid
    1 @ ask

    And so on, until 30 seconds later whatever budding breakout there was is throroughly broken.
  10. For those of you poll responders who stated you throw around 100 contracts. What's that like? How long does it take you to get filled? Do you "work" your order or just throw it at the market?
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