How much should i pay for future contracts?

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  1. I am going to start trading SP futures. At my prop firm, How much should i be paying for contracts, fees, ect. A price for volume breakdown would be real helpful. thank you
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    I trade futures at home and pay $ 5 round trip per contract with Trade Station.

    Which prop firm are you with that allows you to trade futures?

    I assume you trade at their office and their computers.

    Can you bring in head phones and listen to a stream feed audio from that computer?

    Do others watch over your back as you trade, or leave you alone?

    I assume the benefit is that you are trading with their money, or if not what have you found the benefits to be?

  3. a prop firm you should get between $2.00 to $3.00 R/T depending on your volume. If they can't get you those rates without doing a 106R/or Lease (these programs would having you paying much less) then look somewhere else for your futures trading.

    Here is one example..............