How Much Should A Trader Make?

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  1. As a trader, per year, what is your goal to make (percentage-wise)?





    More than 100%?

    How much should a trader expect to earn a year %-wise?

  2. i just made over 9% in 3 days.

    now i know 3 days doesn't necessarily mean much, but at year end i may reveal my year result and shock ET.
  3. Hi Overload,

    This questions has been asked and answered many other times...

    in many different ways.

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  4. Is this like the old woodchuck tongue twister??

    How much loot can a trader make trading? He'd make all the loot that a trader would make trading, if a trader could trade like a trader who knew how to trade. :)
  5. All the money in the world ...
  6. cdbern


    Or, like asking how big is a rock
  7. nkhoi


    depending on where it lands?
  8. It depends how greedy you are? more greed, more risk, more

    You living style and where you live also plays a major rule here
  9. Generally, think if you can make return of 1% average per day,
    you end up with around 250% per year (not compounded)
    which is a maximum i expect in future
  10. I would say that if you are consistently making 35% a year on unmargined capital, you are a great trader... consistently inflated triple figure % returns are simply not feasible, in my view... that it not to say that the occasional home run year is not possible, cos I have myself done 200%+ in a few years... but we are talking the long-run average here...

    Assuming that most traders are using around 2:1 margin, I would say a 70% return on capital per year (consistently), assuming such margin, is fantastic...

    e.g. Starting balance $50k, trading on 2:1 margin, getting 35% on your own capital and 70% on margin... and also reinvesting (a simplistic assumption, I know)...

    At end of 10 years $50,000*(1.7^10) = $10 million...
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