How much RAM?

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  1. Hello,

    I am thinking about getting a new trading computer. I am want to get opinions as of how much RAM should get?

    Thanks for your input
  2. take advantage of the current low prices at online retailers but at the very least 4 gig or 8 even, get 16 gig all for better than 1/5th the price 2 years ago.
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    96 gig.
  4. 1000 GB DDR5 & 250 LCD OLED monitor and you RULEZ !!!
  5. If the computer is 64bit, nothing less then 4GB.

    Anything above that is a nice bonus nothing drastically required.

    Good luck to you with your purchase.
  6. Take advantage of the low RAM prices these days.

    You should be fine with 6GB - 8GB. Anything higher you should investigate and see if your trading apps can use the additional RAM or else it is just a waste.
  7. I'm running my trading apps on Windows 7 x64 with 4G of ram and some to spare.

    However if I was building a new computer I would put in 8G minimum and probably 16 so that I had headroom for whatever next. Ram is really cheap now.

    I would look seriously at error correcting ram. There have been studies showing more ram errors than most of us think - so perhaps its worth the extra few bucks.
  8. Thank you so much for all your input here.
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    6GB should be the minimum and of course with room for more. If you run indicators and depending on the how much tick data you have, you will definetely need 6GB.

    Somebody mentioned OLED? That technology is not even available yet and it is going to be very expensive.
  10. all of my DDR2 machines run 16GB RAM and all of my DDR3 machines run at least 24GB... Dell is wierd where they have 6dimms on the motherboard and 6dimms on the 2nd CPU riser so I run 6x 2GB sticks on the motherboard and 3x 4GB sticks on the 2nd CPU riser board. Total of 24GB.

    My internet/email/IM/Chat box has 8GB (4x 2GB).

    Today with video cards running 1GB of onboard ram I'd most certanly get a 64-bit OS and run at least 6GB ddr3 RAM.
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