how much pips do you need a month to be profitable

Discussion in 'Forex' started by mr double, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. a?
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    1, one, wun
  3. i have 200 on average monthly for 2 years
  4. actualy a have 500 pips a month for 2 years,but bad things happen to good my love girlfrend left me,and i stopt wathing market and login for while,but when i started to pay attention again it didn't help,i am mentaly sick
  5. I think they are too stupid. Tell them go away and never come back! :D
  6. it's not my fault that my worst time in the whole life (i am 33) coinsaided with subprime risk aversion,i really cuold/nt do anything ,.my hair started to grey,i am really sorry what happend ,i belive many lost huge $
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    Which one is correct?

    If you went from 500 to 200 pips a month they may have been upset because you didn"t have a explanation about what went wrong. What if their needs are the 500 pips to pay bills while they were learning to trade or they were retired just needing it for extra income. Or maybe you are too conservative.

    Hope this helps!
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    Can't imagine why in the world would anyone unsubscribe from your system:

  9. Yes, so we see.
  10. Totally Agree, you have my full support. The markets are always wrong! :)
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