How much part does a GPU Play in Chart ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by qqq, Jun 1, 2022.

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    How much part does a GPU play in calculations of chart indicators, calculations of plotting tick charts etc. Thus does a better or more expensive GPU with higher RAM help ? OR is it just CPU & other components & if yes what they are ?
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    You do not need a 3D graphics card. Decide how many monitors you want and get the Bottom of the range.
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    GPUs are fantastic for Machine Learning algos (tensor flow etc.)

    For standard charting, you won't notice any human-appreciable difference between a basic onboard GPU-in-the CPU and a dedicated graphics card (such as an NVIDIA RTX 3080-based card).
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    Elaborating on this: You could do basic charting on hardware 30 years (or more) ago. When code is optimized, it's not very demanding to draw various rectangles and some bitmap (or even vector) fonts. If some program is slow at this it's usually for bad reasons (like programmers picking an inappropriate rendering kit).
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  6. lol, all cards today are 3d. jezuz

    and the card is used to draw the chart

    bad info spread here
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    Nvidia NVS are 2d multi monitor cards.
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  8. True, I stand corrected, but unless you are running more than 3 or 4 monitors off a card, I would never suggest those for a trading rig
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    All traders used to use nvidia nvs as they run cool as only 2d.
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    I am not aware of any trading software that offloads calculations onto GPUs. Not sure if it is needed if the software is programmed efficiently enough. Our application can run with 50+ RT charts with dozen indicators on each quite well on any modern computer. Or complex RT scans using indicators and complex calculations on 2000 tickers at once.

    Except when some @#&%$ anti-virus monitoring software decides to slow it down to a crawl. And then we have to explain to clients how to exclude our stuff from it. Hate that.
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